Articulated arms

Fume extraction through a self-supporting articulated arm complete with hood, with positioning handle damper. Our articulated arms can be mounted ether on fixed or sliding systems, it is able to cover a wide working area thanks to the extensions.

Mobile units

Portable and trolley units for extracting and filtering welding fumes for light applications.
All mobile units come with batteries for filters, each with a specific function and self-supporting articulated arm or arms.

Fix filters

Mechanical Modular pocket and cartridge filters. Equipped with anti-spark filter and carbon cell for deodorizing filtered fumes.

Exhaust Benches

Welding fume and dust extracting benches. Available in different versions.

Aluminium tracks

Aluminum tracks for sliding  hose support or articulated arm support units, for extracting welding fumes from the working area.


Fans for extracting welding fumes.

Extracting Kits

Fixed or mobile units,  come with arm, fan , track, tube holder trolley and mechanical filtering unit.