1. Design with straight and curved lines, two-tone colouring and attention to detail.
This is the EVOLUTION line, the unique and revolutionary furnishings for workshops.

2. EVOLUTION line, multiple combinations to meet every need concerning technical furnishings.
Create the composition you require, choosing the necessary furnishing accessories and the colour that you prefer and that best suits the work environment.
If the products you require are not in our vast catalogue, thanks to the expertise of our sales departments, we provide custom solutions to create tailor-made products.

3. EVOLUTION is designed with the innovative Filcar philosophy that ensures perfect integration with most light equipment found in modern workshops.
The Evolution Line allows you to store fluid and energy distribution terminals, hose reels, bridge control units, desktop PCs and much more, keeping the work environment orderly and safe.

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Evolution line

Evolution line

The EVOLUTION line is one of its kind,
it completely changes all the functional
and aesthetical standard in the market.
EVOLUTION blends perfectly both straight
and curved lines, it is made of innovative
materials, it al