Welding fume extraction

Filcar has always designed and manufactured machinery to improve the safety of the working environment inside workshops.

Filcar offers a wide range of products for the direct extraction of welding fumes, available in different solutions to cover every need, from fixed to mobile stations, from the sliding station to the bench station.

Every single Filcar extraction machine is built with specifications suitable for the type of welding to be carried out, whether it is oily, watertight or spot welding, and is equipped with filters that ensure the best possible extraction.

Filcar also produces machines for the extraction of harmful and toxic gases generated from the acids inside the batteries.

Articulated arms

Сочленённые вытяжные рукава

Mobile units

Передвижные фильтрующие установки

Fix filters

Фиксированные фильтры

Exhaust Benches

Вытяжные столы

Aluminium tracks

Aluminium tracks


Extractor fans

Extracting Kits

Полные комплекты


Welding technical furnishings