The brand new modular extraction CLOUD CAP can fit any individual requirement. It is available in various sizes as standard and other sizesare available on request. The CLOUD CAP can be set up on supporting legs or suspended from the ceiling, allowing the hood to be placed where it is not possible to position the extraction directly at source. The hood can be fitted as optional with welding process protection curtains. CLOUD CAP has an innovative flow principle, giving it a particularly high extraction efficiency at very low air volumes, and thus lower energy consumption. Thanks to the unique flow principle it is possible to achieve a high extraction efficiency at a very low air volume. The fume produced is drawn through small, elongated openings on the inner edges of the extraction hood. The extraction hood can be fully fitted out with curtains to reduce the occurrence of sparks, thus protecting not only the staff but the entire equipment. Furthermore, the fume incurred during welding and cutting cannot escape out thanks to  the hanging curtains.The length of the strips can be individually adjusted  to suit specific requirements.The extraction hood is very easy to assemble, consisting mainly of parts bolted together.  The intermediate profiles are connected together using corner connectors
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