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Filcar S.p.A was founded and recognized internationally thanks to it’s brand. With it’s 2 production units, the companies supervised from Italy as well as abroad and it’s many distributors, Filcar is present in over 100 countries around the World. Apart from Italy, where the company has established strong grounds and an absolute prestigious position, Filcar achieves most of its turnover in the European and International market, positioning itself in a top position player in the sector within the Continent. The complete customer satisfaction and its requirements come in as the main mission of Filcar. This goal is reached through the accomplishment of precise strategic guide lines. : research and development, carful projecting, quality productivity and technical pre and after sales assistance.

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Filcar is the example of how Italian genius has reinvented itself and grown over time.   From the workshop to widespread distribution, from local to global, Filcar means professionalism and innovation for the auto workshop industry.   Filcar bases its roots on three fundamental values:   INNOVATION The innovative spirit of Filcar means having the courage to change, generating new ideas that employ the latest modern technology all the while taking into account the needs of the client and the environment.   PASSION The competitive spirit of Filcar translates into the element of consistency and determination that has always underlined the quality services and products that the company offers its clientele.   FUNCTIONALITY For Filcar functionality means guaranteeing reliability, with flexible and versatile solutions, that are above all coherent with our company strategy. The added value that Filcar provides is a propensity for excellence: building results with shared methods, working in a manner that is respectful of people, offering exclusive solutions, meeting established deadlines.  

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The founding basis of our success is “Total Quality”, which we believe in and which develops from our commitment to continuously improving our products and activities that form all company processes.

To continuously improve our company’s services we are committed to:
- carrying out and continually improving on all activities while respecting Customer requirements, in a manner that is sustainable and compatible with the environment and that protects the health and safety of all interested parties;
- working in accordance with all laws, regulations and requirements that the Organisation undersigns.

For the definition of the objectives to improve company performance, we observe the following criteria:
- continuous monitoring of company activities with particular reference to compliance with product requirements;
- promoting activities to create awareness and info-training on “customer satisfaction”, product compliance, protecting the environment, protecting the health and safety of workers and all interested parties;
- improving the product and the service we offer with the aim of increasing Customer satisfaction.

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