Classic line 2.0

The Classic 2.0 line is one of its kind, it completely changes all the functional and aesthetical standard in the market. Classic 2.0 blends perfectly elegant
lines and the bright coloration allows to show further its uniqueness.
You can create Classic 2.0 like you want, both for what concerns the selection of single modules of the composition, both for what concerns what colours
choose for the technical cabinets. And if the products on the catalogue are not enough, our sales department is at your disposal to satisfy every specific
request of customization or to create customized products.
Classic 2.0 incorporates the innovative Filcar philosophy: Classic 2.0 is designed for a perfect integration with most of the lightweight equipments of
modern workshops, so that inside the housing can be found distribution terminals for fluids and energy, hose reels, control units, computer, etc....
With Classic 2.0 workplaces become more tidy and safe.