Philosophy of the company
The total satisfaction of customer needs is one of the fundamental principles in the Company Mission. The constant search for the improvement of the quality of life of the operator in his work environment represents the spirit of the company ... "This is the difference - tells Andrea Cangiano, Filcar's managing director - because if The solutions are practical and usable will be used by the operator, thereby saving time. " It is not an end - to - end sale because Filcar seeks to exploit the network of all the members of the chain (builders, agents, professional retailers and end - users) to create a collaboration aimed at improving the work of the customer - And 360 degrees. Filcar is committed to the development of individual components each day, which are then determined in the realization of Global Solution plants in compliance with current regulations. For example, the DARWIN, the automated window shutter automatically releases the uphill and downhill hose that now also slides on channels, enabling you to create a safe, work - free work environment, In a very practical way. Armtel, another exhibition product at the fair, is able to aspirate the exhaust gases on all types of muffler in a universal way, both by a car and by a motorcycle, which are the two extremes (as visitors could admire In the stand of company 14).
Valorize the concept of Garage Revolution
What is important is to enhance the concept of Garage revolution, understood both as a logistical conformation, but also as a solution to the product ... "That is, this double ambivalence brings us to have an eye on the vision As a whole, with a focus on the specific product, enhancing the network of distributors / retailers / end-users. Filcar, with his team, wants to bring added value to all the operators he contacts with, so that these solutions can be matured. Speaking of the technology of the products, Filcar has exhibited at the fair, these various patented products. "The fact that we patent the products and technologies applied to them is not because of their complexity, but for simplicity, so that we can continue to develop in order to develop new solutions, given that the world of 'Auto is evolving!'
Autopromotec comment:
"Speaking of the Auto - promotec fair ... it certainly has had a greater sensitivity for both retailers and end - users. We have lived a positive fair ... clearly this is a further step, but it is the first preparation and the next job to say whether the fair has gone well ... Our goal is to give information, Both to our network and to people who follow us, on what is true value added to the quality of our products and services. Thanks to everyone for having shared this great event with us.