System used for extracting dry sanding dust . The wide range of products may vary from articulated arms, with electrical and compressed air distribution  to mobile trolleys, from kits with arms and fixed extracting units of highest efficiency with automatic cleaning system, to fixed units totally embanked  in the preparation area to central multi service units available in different settings.
We also supply vehicle cleaning products which can be integrated to the remote units like BP, TOTEM, TSC and more. 


Projecting and implementation  of logistic solution for storing  merchandise and tires  is a result of a carefully studied analysis of the environment , the products, movements that occur   form and between loading areas , load discharge and public service .


Charging station climate intended for maintenance of air conditioning systems in the automotive industry.

Inside the garages, body shops and any other working places in which you need to clean the inside of cars, buses, trucks and trains, the products of the Cleaning Line do the best activities for which they were designed . Cleaning Line offers both stand-alone solutions and centralized systems.