Spring driven hose reels

Spring driven hose reel that eases the winding of the flexible hose, used to extract vehicle- exhaust . The latter can be provided together with a fan or not.

Automatic hose reels

Automatic hose reel operated by remote control for the ascent and the descent of the flexible
hose, suitable for ceiling and wall installations.






Tubes for all kinds of applications, nozzles for all types of exhaust pipes, adapters for double exhaust pipes and wall bearings for flexible tubes.

Floor traps

Exhaust-extraction system with internal hideaway hoses under the floor.  This is used to keep the garage neat.

Aluminium tracks

Aluminum tracks with sliding elements for the evacuation  of vehicles’ exhaust gases from workshops.


Suction fans for exhaust gas.


Flexible and mobile units, complete with fan, tube holders for tracks and sliding carriages.