Shaping the future of each workshop: 'reality' Filcar

Shaping the future of each workshop: 'reality' Filcar
Giacomo Trovato at Autopromotec has presented the company's vision of Filcar
Shaping the future of the workshop, each workshop. A future order, rationality, cleaning service.This is the overall design of Filcar recognized in over 100 countries worldwide and that at Autopromotec 2015 reproduced the ideal concept of the workshop in its stand. We spoke with Giacomo Trovato, enthusiastic Marketing Manager of Filcar.
What brought you participate in the fair?
"Our concept is reproduced in the workshop. An environment neat, clean, inserted in a context of global solutions, made of technical furniture, oil distribution, movement of fluids, the management of the exhaust gas. Our stands are an example of a service tailored to repairers. "
What are the customer benefits that will appeal to Filcar?
"As mentioned personalization turnkey project. It is an approach that we realize always so new to Filcar. But we wanted to reiterate that our ability to provide concrete answers. "
How is the relationship with the customer?
"We start from the first meeting, we understand his plan, the potential, but also the risks and difficulties. Then we follow step by step the construction, installation of the products, provision of furniture and its technical development. We can design and build a car complete workshop as well as individual sectors is a regular operation that always takes into account the needs and possibilities of the customer. "
Is there a common thread?
"Yes: all our products are developed with consistency: for example the oil distribution is coordinated with the technical furniture. We analyze for yourself the space, we understand how it moves the foreman, what are their needs. Only after we move. "
How long it takes for the definition of a project?
"Actually very little because our organization is now particularly oiled: for offering us just two or three hours. For the organization it takes more time of course, but we are able to move very quickly. "
On what wagers in particular?
"Technician on furniture, because it makes elegant workshop. Our concept of work is always characterized by order and cleanliness because they transfer professionalism and reliability. Then we carefully consider the ergonomics and functionality of the spaces and the distribution of the equipment. "
What makes you different from the competition?
"He says the choice we made here at Autopromotec: Our stand is in Hall of innovation. It broke away from the crowd because our projects are really of high quality and this is a strong and well-considered choice that we offer our customers and those who will pay attention to us in the future. "